Hayward 8-function remote control with digital read out for use with Pro Logic PS pool and spa control systems. This digital remote allows the user to control 8 pool and spa functions, set the heater temperature and view spa air temperatures directly from the spa location. Use with Pro Logic PS-4, PS-8, PS-16. Waterproof design intended to mount at spa location. Offers configurable button functions on all PS systems (requires software version 2.4 or higher). Remote adjustment of heater temperature setting. Digital readout of pool and spa and air temperatures. On/Off operation of heater and pool/spa equipment. LED indicators show status of each function. Allows override of heater setting. Backlit identification of each function, for day or night convenience. It has 150-feet standard cable length. Can be mounted on surface or flush, horizontally or vertically. Available in black color.

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  • 8-Function wired digital spa side remote control with display
  • Fits Hayward Pro Logic control system models PS-4, PS-8, PS-16
  • Waterproof design intended to mount at spa location
  • LED indicators show status of each function
  • Available in black color